Serendipity can be defined as the occurrence of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way. Additionally it is an interesting phenomenon of finding valuable things not sought for.

In the world of design we should embrace the power of serendipity–sometimes it’s better to explore ideas outside your main goal so you can see bigger ideas waiting to be discovered. We should always be open to any opportunity of cross-fertilization of game-changing ideas, products, services and organizations.

We are often so staunch in our embedded processes that these become rules that should never be broken. As any designer worth their weight in talent knows that, “…there are rules of good design, but good design does not always follow the rules…”.

Always try to see the absurdities in life and how that can create new paths of thinking. Be open to chance events. Chance occurrences in life can be the antidote for your design dilemmas. We’ve forgotten how to think “wrong.”

P.S. It is July of 2018 and the state of graphic design is pretty blasé. I hope we get out of this brutalistic look soon.


Spaghetti with Garlic Butter


My wife Cindy and I are enjoying a weekend in Ojai, CA and we wanted to have dinner at a classy Italian restaurant. There were several great restaurants to choose from and we were planning to go to one of the classiest ones in the Ojai Valley.

We had time before our reservation so we decided to look for a great vantage point to shoot sunset photos. Time was running short and we found a small, family-owned Italian cafe and I ordered spaghetti and meatballs — they had the option to have garlic butter instead of marinara. It was the greatest spaghetti and meatball dish I’ve ever had.

It’s those serendipitous times that we find some of the greatest combinations in design work. We can plan and plan and plan and have design processes in place to ensure great outcomes. But, design works in mysterious ways. It’s those moments of serendipity that can produce even greater outcomes. We can’t be so steadfast to process that we are blind to life’s randomness.

Use design process as your way to move forward in design development, but don’t discount life’s happy accidents. And, when you’re in Ojai, CA, visit Bocelli’s and try the spaghetti with garlic butter and meatballs.