I’m┬ástarting to resent what recycling has become. We’ve created a world of scavengers that are literally waiting at the gates of your castle to ravage your garbage. For those little bits of precious recyclable metal, we’ve created monsters that will destroy structures for the chance to turn in anything for a recycling reward.

For those familiar with the Star Wars franchise of movies, I equate these scavengers with the so-called Jawa of the planet, Tatooine — bizarre creatures that make a living off of the world’s detritus.

The role of the garbage man is changing. Our call to arms for recycling to save the planet has its dark side now. I propose that recycling should no longer be required and we throw everything away. No more sorting and no more extra containers for paper, metals, and plastic. Throw it all away I say and let our refuse engineers hire said people to sort through the rubbish.