We are defined by many things. We are multifaceted creatures—we have opinions; we have views; we react to various stimuli; we belong to many cultures; etc…

Another way we can be defined is by our daily behaviors—one of which, is the doors and doorways that we go in and out of everyday. If we can observe these patterns, we can get incredible insight into demographics.

What are the chronological sequences of doors that we go through? What type of doors do we go through? How much time we spend in entered spaces?… and what are the spaces that we enter and exit from? From doors and doorways in our homes to our cars… shopping, work, restaurants, etc… these transitions from one space to another can give us tremendous amounts of information?

As a researcher, at times, the information we find from transitions are more important than the actual data we glean from traditional methods.

Pay attention to the doorways you use, figuratively and metaphorically, you could get some incredible insight about yourself and others.