Tension and Compression

In my day-to-day duties, I often illustrate parts of the human body for the medical device industry. Hold here, place there, tug here, press, pull, etc… An interesting observation about illustrating the human body is that the most telling information about its form is where parts stretch (tension) and where parts come together (compression).

When things are in tension, there are no extra lines to indicate more information–details aren’t conveyed and what we need to know is masked–muscles are pulled in opposite directions. This parallel with our experiences in life seem to be rather interesting. When we experience tension, there’s so much that we hide from ourselves and our loved ones. We often feel pulled in opposite directions–painful.

An interesting phenomenon happens, though. Where there is tension, there is compression (usually opposite from where tension is located). This is where the most information can be seen–muscles come together and create lines of information that indicates information about form. The same thing happens within ourselves. There is a source of compression when we experience tension that we can start to understand more about ourselves. We just have to look at the other side.

It’s only when we lead a balanced life that tension and compression don’t exist–a state of relaxation–a state peace.


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