Adopt, Adapt, Improve

Don’t be scared to adopt new ideas, new ways of thinking, and working. Adapt them or yourself to get the best results, then improve these techniques until they become new tools and methodologies unique to yourself.

Far too often designers rest on their laurels assuming their skills will carry them through their respective design career. Some have even attained celebrity status in the design world. The truth of the matter is we have to adopt new ideas, processes, and skills. The world is in constant flux and the skills needed years ago are no longer needed today (e.g. Flash, Quark, Director, etc…).

The design community is often forced to adapt to new tools given to us by the digital world. As an educator, I find myself being a student at almost every software and hardware cycle. Is it frustrating?… YES. Are the results faster and better?… an astounding YES!!!

Every year we find ourselves kicking and screaming into the newer world of digital tools and skills and mourning the loss of some of the skills and tools we spent hours perfecting. That seems to be the new normal.

Nevertheless, I still keep a trusty pen (Muji pens) and notebook (Field Notes) in my bag of digital tools. I still love thinking on paper. This is part of what makes me unique and foolish.


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