Circles, Ellipses, and Perfection


When we draw ellipses, we visualize them as circles in perspective. Circles are representative of perfection when viewed from one single point of view. When viewed from other angles, the circle will always become an ellipse. Thus perfection is always skewed unless it’s viewed from that one perfect point of view. So perfection depends on the object and the viewer of the object.

When we see aspects of our lives as perfect, it’s only that moment in time when you are in perfect alignment with that aspect of your life. Any other time, it’s in perspective, it requires an understanding and deciphering of your point of view. We know the thinner the ellipse, the further askew you are to the perfect circle. When we see aspects of our lives that are far from perfect, maybe it’s just a matter of changing our perspective on the situation.

As designers, we are forced to change our perspective all the time to solve visual problems. As a society, maybe we can see our problems from another point of view to solve them. Sadly, a large number of people never choose to change their point of view and they wallow in their misery. Thus, they will never choose perfection.

As a society, we can solve our world’s problems. If only we can endeavor to look for that circle.


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