As the controversy of immigration issues plays out amongst us, I am reminded of my own immigrant status — not because of my culture, but of my digital status. We have all come from an analog world and have started to assimilate or are heavily assimilated in our digital landscape.

The digital natives (a new generation of digital kids) are being raised by us, the digital immigrants of the world. We are constantly reminded of the artifacts from our analog history. And, we still hold on to such traditions through ceremonies like “TBT”, “Remember when…” discussions, and the Post Office.

We all will someday make the total migration into the digital world. We will bring with us memories of our old analog world. We will have digital museums devoted to our old analog homeland. If we look back on the journey we made to get to our own digital world, you’ll see a rich environment of a world that all digital natives will never know and experience.

Be reminded we all come from an analog tradition. Pay homage to that and be thankful.


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