Magic and Angelo


As we were discovering the beauty of the Ojai Valley, we came across the library of the late Krishnamurti, a writer and speaker on philosophical and spiritual subjects. We only discovered his library through a CD guided auto tour of the history, industry, and sites to see of Ojai.

Nestled amongst the natural beauty of the Valley, we found even more peace and beauty in the library… and something magical that caught us in a moment of awe. We introduced ourselves to the curator/librarian of the establishment and he introduced us to who and what this great man was about. Lo and behold, as we said our thank you’s, he referred to me as Angelo. It was a moment that we will never forget — Angelo is the name of one of our cats. Something he would never have known. We smiled and walked away with a magical feeling.

This magical feeling is something I strive for when I teach design principles to my students and when I present a wonderful design solution to a client. Design is magical — it creates a sense of awe when it’s principles are applied in new and innovative ways. It’s when you create an environment of peace and beauty that designers can create magic. It’s this magic that creates an emotional/spiritual peace and beauty.

It’s a wonderful cycle to be part of. So let designers be designers and let the magic happen. Give designers the space and peace they need and let the magic happen.

There really is something incredible about being in the Ojai Valley.


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