Lightning Storms


Driving to the desert this evening, we encountered a beautiful display of lightning. It was one after another of beautiful and deadly light, we knew it was dangerous but we had to stand outside of our car and enjoy nature’s fury.

Whenever I find a path of thought that seems conducive to a design solution. It’s akin to a lightning storm. It’s one idea after another and my thoughts are so fast, my note taking and sketching abilities just can’t keep up. It’s dangerous and enlightening.

In the process of this lightning storm of ideas, the thoughts inevitably go to dark thoughts and absurd possibilities. But, ultimately, a beautiful concept emerges.

As designers, we have to be willing to stand in the lightning storms of our thoughts and allow ourselves to go to those dangerous places — the dark and absurd.

Possibilities always exist in those deep recesses of our thoughts. You just have to go there.


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