Perfection in Simplicity


One of the strange dichotomies of design is the incredible strength of simplicity. From composition, components, and concept — the advantages of simplicity play into the natural psychological influences of the viewer.

As a child one of the most intriguing ways we depicted the world was through one of the most simplest of forms — the circle. We relayed and displayed so much information in this ever intriguing shape. The circle was mom, dad, love, house, the world, etc… Simple and perfect, it’s no wonder the circle has meant so much to the world of design

How beautifully refreshing. The circle is modern, yet classic; familiar yet intriguingly fresh. The circle is refreshingly human after all. Much has been researched in the world of rectangles and proportions, but I think circles should have as much recognition.

Besides, perfection in life is coming full circle — The Hero’s Journey. But that’s another post.


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