Energy and Balance


Often when we design, we seek to manipulate energy and flow. This is achieved by an understanding of how to take control of the user’s eye movements. By skillfully using visual hierarchy, we bring the viewer in with a first read. Once a designer has you in the composition, they will then send you to the second read and on to the third read, etc.. Finally, there’s a call to action.

This flow in visual hierarchy can only happen if there’s a uneven distribution of visual weight. Like the physical world, an uneven distribution creates energy. Think of temperature — energy flows from hot to cold until a balance happens. As designers we purposefully manipulate this visual energy until a balance is achieved — resolution in the mind of the viewer.

As graphic designers, if we can embrace the natural order of the universe by manipulating a viewer’s curious energy and finally providing balance, visual solutions will be more successful. Balance and order is the end result of all things. As humans, we seek resolution. As designers we can take advantage of this natural human quality.


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