Music and Creativity


In my design classes I always make it a point to play music when I’m not lecturing. The human brain needs stimuli in order for it to function. Whether it’s popular music or out of a person’s normal listening genre, music carries with it repetition, harmony, and the occasional interruption — shock therapy for the unsuspecting.

Design has an intrinsic relationship to music. They both have an interwoven capability of enhancing our senses. If we listen we can visualize and if we visualize we can create. I find it interesting how waveforms generated by music and sound amplifies our visual capabilities. Sound waves are energy that have resonance for those that are open to it.

We all are touched by music — we listen to it or we play it. Design and music seek to communicate and they help to fuel our emotions. So if you’re in a design rut, put on some Slipknot and I guarantee you’ll visualize something new!!!


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