Retro Cool


Inspiration comes in many forms and one of my go-to images for inspiration comes from the ’50s era of Americana. There was so much innovation that defined the American lifestyle that it’s legacy still goes strong to this day.

From clothing and information design to automotive styling, we tend to look backwards for future inspiration. It was about big ideas with simple shapes. Of course, these simples shapes bring us back to our childhood, when everything was simple — definitely a happier time for the majority of us.

In the world of design, simplicity is everything and, oddly enough, it’s the most complicated thing to achieve. It’s very easy to complicate things and indicating layers of information in the most simplest of forms is a hallmark of great design and the ’50s tends to epitomize layers of information in the simplest of forms.


One thought on “Retro Cool

  1. Carol Jerome says:

    I also like mid-20th century for it’s hand quality and humanness, prior to computers and special effects which easily clutter a message rather than clarify it. Thinking by hand first, then digitizing is important. Then make sure the digitized outcome is true to the designer’s intent, rather than than vice versa.


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