In the world of design and typography, kerning is the concept of spacing to achieve a harmonious relationship between letterforms. In the real world of relationships, we try to achieve the same harmonious relationships with other people.

With typography, designers can see the visual painfulness that happens when words aren’t properly kerned. As a designer, I can see a world of difference by moving letterforms slightly towards or away from it’s neighboring letterform.

I wonder if this holds true with our own personal relationships. Are their people in our lives who need to be either pulled closer or pushed away in order to create harmony? As we change and grow, our needs will change and our relationships change. If we kern one relationship, that will affect the spacing with other relationships. It’s this wonderful interplay that happens in order to create harmony and energy.

We should consciously be aware of our own relationship kerning. Do we need to be closer or further away to achieve harmony in our lives? It’s an interesting thought and further shows our interconnected lives.


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