So I’m driving around Los Angeles looking for some retro clothing shops and I notice that our lives are starting to be governed by percentage bars — From the amount of gas left in our tanks to the amount of charge left on our mobile devices. How much time left to be connected and/or how much distance we can travel is dependent on our percentage bars. Then I remember posting on social media how everyone should keep their battery-dependent devices (usually lithium-ion based), humming between 40-80% of charge because too much or too little of a charge will stress out the battery and shorten its life. And every month to top it off at 100%.

I wonder if this works with our creativity as well. Shall our creative life be between 40-80% of our creative potential and top off our creativity every month. Does anything above 80% and below 40% stress us out and we suffer from creative burnout. Batteries are energy just like creativity. Shall we strive to increase our own creative battery life by not stressing it out? Hmmm… this could be a definite issue to investigate.


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